Text Annotation

Text annotation service is the process of highlighting text data with tags to markup different criteria such as keywords, phrases, sentences, etc. The annotated data is then used to train AI or machine learning through a process known as Natural Language Acquisition (NLP). Since text is the most common form of media, a high level of accuracy and comprehensiveness needs to be maintained throughout the annotation process. Poor annotations will lead to a machine that exhibits various issues such as grammatical errors or issues with clarity or context.

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of text annotation services including Text Annotation for Speech Recognition, Text Annotation for NLP in Machine Learning and Sentence-Level Quality Text Annotation. These are rendered through a combination of different types of text annotation services such as:

Linguistic Text Annotation:

It is the process of tagging language information in text. With linguistic annotation, the task is to identify and flag grammatical, semantic, or phonetic elements in the text or audio data. Discourse Annotation, Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagging, Phonetic Annotation and Semantic Annotation are types of Linguistic annotation.

Text Sentiment Annotation:

It involves evaluating attitudes and emotions behind a text. Texts can be either positive, negative or neutral. It is useful to determine hidden connotations in language such as sarcasm, wit, or other casual forms of communication. An example of this is the analysis of customer reviews. Reviews will be analyzed and will be labeled either as positive, neutral, or negative.

Entity Text Annotation:

It is the process of locating, extracting, and tagging entities in text. It involves labeling unstructured sentences with the right information like name entity, keywords or keyphrases and parts of speech(verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc). This will help the machine to comprehend it easily. It is often paired with entity linking.

Text Classification:

It involves analyzing the content, discerning the subject, intent, and sentiment within a body of text and classifying it based on a predetermined list of categories. Unlike entity annotation where individual words or phrases are annotated, text classification annotates a body of text or a line of text with a single label. Document classification and product categorization fall under text classification.

Text Entity Linking:

It is the process of connecting entities to larger repositories of data. It involves linking labeled entities to a url that contains more information about the particular entity. Entity linking is often used in improving search functions and user experience. Entity linking services are of two types, End-to-End Entity Linking and Entity Disambiguation

How We Annotate Text At Annotation Support?

Preparing accurate training data begins with a precise and detailed text annotation With increasing proficiency in interpreting human languages, the importance of training using high-quality text data is increasingly felt. To accomplish this we have a dedicated team of annotators who are highly skilled in using the latest labelling tools as well as manually label text data with exceptional accuracy and detail. This human touch is especially valuable in analyzing sentiment data, as language can often be nuanced, relying heavily on modern trends in slang as well as the incorporation of other languages and speech styles. Our approach will depend on the kind of data you need, how much data you need and how soon, whether your data is in a specialized domain or non-English languages and the kind of resources you have access to.

We provide text annotation services that will go the extra mile to ensure your loyalty and confidence. Our team of annotations will meticulously analyze your data to deliver high quality training data that are tailor made for your specific projects. Utilizing the latest tools,our annotators possess every skill and experience required to fulfill all your annotation needs.