Annotation for Academicians

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning requires huge amount of training data. Big corporates who specialize in AI deploy outsourcing companies or crowd sourcing team for their annotation requirements.

The Universities, Academicians and Research Labs needs training data for AI researches and model training. There is a gap in supply of annotation services to education industry. We offer specialized annotation services to academicians as we understand the niche need of institutions, volume of work and time lines.

We have been providing annotation support to renowned universities worldwide. We do providing text, image, video and Lidar annotations. Some of our offerings are Bounding box, polygon, cuboid, semantic segmentation, polyline, 3D cuboids etc. Our process is simple and easy. The whole process is executed through our Annotation platform “ANSU”. It’s on a PayG model, institutions can purchase the volume of work in advance through online mode using credit card / debit card or bank transfer.

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