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    We annotate, tag & label various data accurately.

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    High quality training data for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Data Labeling for Computer Vision

    Annotation & labeling services for your Computer Vision models

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    Driverless Vehicles, Drones Technology, Satellites & Mapping, Robots, Ecommerce & more

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    Driverless Vehicles, Drones Technology, Satellites & Mapping, Robots, Ecommerce & more

Data Annotation and Labeling Outsourcing Services

We are an exclusive team from Infosearch BPO with over 5 years of experience in 15+ types of annotation services. We execute all projects using our in house team for Data security. We cater to Autonomous Vehicle, Retail Intelligence, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Education and many more. We assure high quality, timely delivery and data protection to all our clients.

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Annotation Services For Machine Learning

bounding box

Bounding Box Annotation Services

Bounding Box Annotation is a perfect annotation tool to classify individual objects (recognition of persons, traffic monitoring etc) on images or videos. Various industries like Autonomous Vehicles, Retail, Machine Learning & Robotics. Our Image Annotation services with Bounding Boxes provide you the most accurate and high quality classification which helps you in improving your computer vision models.


Polygon Annotation

Polygon Annotation is used to detect the irregular shapes in images or videos. We draw pixel perfect polygons to locate exact shapes and label them to a class. Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Drones tech, Agriculture tech and many other industries need polygonal annotation to label the images.




3D Lidar Annotation

3D LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) annotation or point cloud labeling enables tracking objects across frames in 3D point clouds for all types of LiDARs. The technology is used in Autonomous vehicles, Agriculture tech, Drones, maps and more.


Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation or Semantic Analysis is a process of pixel level image segmentation and annotation. Self driving vehicles, Drones and Robotics use this service for their datasets. In advanced picture preparation and PC vision, picture division is the way toward dividing a computerized picture into numerous sections of different pixels.




Cuboid Annotation Services

Cuboid annotation is also used to remodel the two-dimensional container factors into full, 3D boxes with stature, width, profundity, revolution, and relative situating information.

All things considered; this picture explanation method assists with building the ground truth datasets.Cuboid Annotation is utilized for building a 3D reenacted world from 2D data caught by cameras.


Our Popular Annotation Labeling Services

bounding data 1 Bounding Boxes
polygon data 1 Polygons
segmentation data 1 Segmentations
cuboid data 1 Cuboids
** Last updated values on October 05th 2023